Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Patrick!

This past Friday was Patrick's birthday and he turned the oh so ancient 24 years old. I am the lamest wife ever and I didn't take any pictures of his birthday, but I hope he enjoyed it.

Birthday festivities started the Tuesday before his birthday with my Grandma Clayson. She takes all the grandkids out to eat for their birthday, so we went with her to Pizza Factory. Lucky Patrick got a free pizza in the shape of a 24 (grandma may have sort of pushed the waiter into it! :)).

On his actual birthday, Friday, his parents were nice enough to come down and hang out with us. We had some delicious sandwiches for dinner and then went to homecoming spectacular which was a lot of fun!

And then of course there was the Sunday birthday celebration with his whole family and a Monday night dinner with the Clayson's. So many parties!

I had my doubts, but I still love him, even as a 24 year old. Good thing.

Happy Birthday Love!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Cutie!

This is the cute new addition to the Frost family. We love Andrew and Tor for having a baby! I don't know if Andrew will appreciate me calling his baby a cutie, but he's a man's man too! :) Nathaniel is such a sweetheart and we are glad to be an aunt and uncle once again.

And a tribute to our other cute neice and nephew. Lily and Carter are great! We are so lucky to have such a good family.

This is an old picture of the two of them (before I even knew them), but I love this picture--I think it is just too cute!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What? No Way!

I just thought this was kinda funny...

It's a dog snuggie. :)