Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Month Old

Little miss Abigail is one month old.  Gosh it went fast.  I'm sure I thought it was fast with Megan, but it is definitely going faster the second time.

Abby is such a chill baby.  So chill in every way.  After one month I would predict she will be less of a spit fire than Megan, but it's only been one month and a fast first month, so who knows.  I am probably way off.

Megan LOVES her little sister.  She wasn't too sure the first week or two, but now all I hear every morning is "Mom, can Abby lay by me?"  "Mom, can we give Abby a bath?"  "Mom, can I get a same time diaper change with Abby?"  And etc.  And Abby likes Megan too.  She has given Megan more smiles than anyone else.

Some facts about the babe:
  • Like her sister, she has very long fingers and toes.  Freakishly long.
  • She looks a lot like newborn Megan with a different face shape, but I think she is morphing and looks less and less like her everyday.  Although you can still tell they're sisters.  Patrick still thinks they look the same.
  • When she is awake her eyes are always open very, very wide.  Patrick and I think she's looking around saying "Why did you people bring me here!?"
  • She is a cuddly babe, but always really really fidgety.
  • She doesn't like our dog thus far.  If Mo sniffs her or licks her or gets too close in any way she cries.  She seems a little like a drama queen already.
  • Her umbilical cord fell off at a week old.
  • I feel like she's pretty strong if I hold her upright, but she does absolutely nothing but fall asleep during tummy time.
  • And her 2 week stats.  She has a tiny little head, just like her sister.
    • Length: 20" -> 40th percentile
    • Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz -> 27th percentile
    • Head Circ: 34.5 cm -> 16th percentile

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Little Singer

Megan loves songs.  Like really loves songs.  And she remembers the words to so many songs it amazes me.  I especially love it though when she thinks she knows the words to a song and they are wrong.  Some of my current favorites...
  • Rumour Has It by Adele.  Megan's version:  "Boo Boo Has It by that Belle girl."
  • Popcorn.  Megan's version:  "Blessings popping right before my eyes."
  • Gangnam Style.  Megan's version:  "Whoop whoop.  Gumbo diyo."
  • Leave the Pieces by The Wreckers.  Megan's version:  "Leave the peaches."
  • Kiss the Girl from Little Mermaid.  Megan's version:  "Don't kiss the girl."


I don't think I realized when we bought our house how much I would love living across from a farm.  It is one of my favorite parts about our house.  So beautiful!  My terrible picture definitely doesn't do it justice.  And the other day when they were cutting the alfalfa the smell reminded me of Grandma and Grandpa Shively's.  Megan loves it too.  She has been so entertained the past week watching them cut the alfalfa and bail it and gather it up.  Hopefully we'll get to see it all again in a month or two!