Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Month Old

Little miss Abigail is one month old.  Gosh it went fast.  I'm sure I thought it was fast with Megan, but it is definitely going faster the second time.

Abby is such a chill baby.  So chill in every way.  After one month I would predict she will be less of a spit fire than Megan, but it's only been one month and a fast first month, so who knows.  I am probably way off.

Megan LOVES her little sister.  She wasn't too sure the first week or two, but now all I hear every morning is "Mom, can Abby lay by me?"  "Mom, can we give Abby a bath?"  "Mom, can I get a same time diaper change with Abby?"  And etc.  And Abby likes Megan too.  She has given Megan more smiles than anyone else.

Some facts about the babe:
  • Like her sister, she has very long fingers and toes.  Freakishly long.
  • She looks a lot like newborn Megan with a different face shape, but I think she is morphing and looks less and less like her everyday.  Although you can still tell they're sisters.  Patrick still thinks they look the same.
  • When she is awake her eyes are always open very, very wide.  Patrick and I think she's looking around saying "Why did you people bring me here!?"
  • She is a cuddly babe, but always really really fidgety.
  • She doesn't like our dog thus far.  If Mo sniffs her or licks her or gets too close in any way she cries.  She seems a little like a drama queen already.
  • Her umbilical cord fell off at a week old.
  • I feel like she's pretty strong if I hold her upright, but she does absolutely nothing but fall asleep during tummy time.
  • And her 2 week stats.  She has a tiny little head, just like her sister.
    • Length: 20" -> 40th percentile
    • Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz -> 27th percentile
    • Head Circ: 34.5 cm -> 16th percentile

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