Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Little Singer

Megan loves songs.  Like really loves songs.  And she remembers the words to so many songs it amazes me.  I especially love it though when she thinks she knows the words to a song and they are wrong.  Some of my current favorites...
  • Rumour Has It by Adele.  Megan's version:  "Boo Boo Has It by that Belle girl."
  • Popcorn.  Megan's version:  "Blessings popping right before my eyes."
  • Gangnam Style.  Megan's version:  "Whoop whoop.  Gumbo diyo."
  • Leave the Pieces by The Wreckers.  Megan's version:  "Leave the peaches."
  • Kiss the Girl from Little Mermaid.  Megan's version:  "Don't kiss the girl."

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