Thursday, April 29, 2010


My parents were nice enough to take us to New York for our graduation present. I had never been to New York City and so I was super excited. It was an awesome trip!

It started out a little rough (a red eye flight and then crazy taxi ride when pregnant is apparently not a good idea for me...), but luckily the hotel let us check in at 6 or whatever time in the morning it was so that we could get a little sleep before cruising the town.

We saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, climbed the stairs to the crown on the Statue of Liberty (so awesome!), visited ground zero, stayed in Times Square, went to the Empire State Building and took tons of pictures, saw Wicked on Broadway, went to St. Patrick's cathedral, visited Rockefeller center and the NBC store, sat in on a Jimmy Kimmel practice show, walked until we were sore, went to the biggest Macy's ever and bought a cute necklace, got rained on, saw David Letterman on Regis & Kelly, went to the Natural History Museum (we could've spent days's enormous), saw Central Park, took a ride with the most impatient taxi driver ever, ate good food and lots of it, and all in all had a blast. We are so lucky we got to go and can't wait to go again someday.

Sorry there are about a million pictures...we just did too many fun things! And please ignore the fact that I had a really hard time taking a good picture in NY. My shirts are too small for my baby belly, my maternity pants are too big, and I always look a little tired and weird. I'm just struggling to find that pregnant glow I guess! :)

On our way to the Statue of Liberty. It was a pretty rainy day.

Inside at the old torch.

The staircase we climbed to get to the crown. These spiral stairs started at Lady Liberty's feet and went all the way up to her crown. They were steep, windy stairs!

St. Patrick's Cathedral. Beautiful!

A pieta inside the cathedral.

Atop the Empire State Building.

Those stupid pigeons were driving me crazy. I had a brown paper bag with a muffin in it and they could sense the food somehow. They kept flying right at my head!!!

Patrick actually got one of the pigeons to perch on his arm. We weren't fast enough with the camera.

On our way to Wicked on Broadway. Little did we know we would be seeing Letterman the next day in person!

I think he's casting a spell on me. Doesn't bother me a bit!

Times Square at night. Our hotel was seriously right in the middle of it all!

There they are! Regis & Kelly and David Letterman.

The only picture we really took in the Museum of Natural History.

At Central Park. That place amazed me. My dad just did something goofy so we're both laughing! :)

BYU Graduation

Well, Patrick and I officially graduated from BYU this past week. We are happy to be done, but sad to be leaving such a great place! I am done with school forever (at least that's the current plan!), but Patrick has 2 more years at the U. He starts there in the fall. Here are some pictures of the occasion!

We randomly bumped into Kristina while waiting to march into the Marriott.

With some of Patrick's coworkers before convocation...or maybe commencement. Can't remember which is which! :)

Walking through and getting our diplomas.

Walking up the stairs in the Marriott after it was all over.

Thanks to our families for coming and supporting us. It was not a short graduation they had to sit through!

We love BYU and the memories we made here!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Last weekend we went to California to visit Patrick's brother, Corbin. It was a great trip! But it's definitely making the end of school a little rough. We'd much rather be hanging out in California still!

Outside the wax museum in Hollywood.

Visiting USC.

Outside the George Lucas and Steven Spielberg buildings. :)

At Huntington Beach. It was gorgeous!

This is what came out when Corbin told Patrick and I to make Mick Jagger. It looks exactly like him...right?

Patrick was trying to wash the sand off his feet. He missed.

On Small World in Disneyland!