Thursday, April 29, 2010

BYU Graduation

Well, Patrick and I officially graduated from BYU this past week. We are happy to be done, but sad to be leaving such a great place! I am done with school forever (at least that's the current plan!), but Patrick has 2 more years at the U. He starts there in the fall. Here are some pictures of the occasion!

We randomly bumped into Kristina while waiting to march into the Marriott.

With some of Patrick's coworkers before convocation...or maybe commencement. Can't remember which is which! :)

Walking through and getting our diplomas.

Walking up the stairs in the Marriott after it was all over.

Thanks to our families for coming and supporting us. It was not a short graduation they had to sit through!

We love BYU and the memories we made here!

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