Saturday, September 19, 2009

State Fair

For our date yesterday, Patrick and I went to the state fair. I had never been to the state fair before, so Patrick wanted me to experience it. It was fun. We spent our time looking at the animals, admiring the art exhibits, and eating a deep-fried snickers. Weird I know. Patrick wanted to try it sooo bad. So we got one, and it was honestly pretty good. They had other crazy deep-fried options like oreos, cheesecake, and twinkies. Who thinks of these things!?

The Pigs. Definitely not my favorite part. Pigs gross me out. The little ones are cute though.

The biggest, nicest cow ever. Over 3,000 pounds. Everyone loved him.

Super pretty flowers. I think they are called Dahlia...

The bunnies--my favorite part.

BIG vegetables!!! You should've seen the onions. Huge!

Cows made of butter. Lots and lots of butter!

Weird pumpkin guy in honor of the best season--Fall!

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mollie said...

Ok. I am really jealous right now. Especially if you consider what I did on Friday night and how lame it was, as documented in my blog post.

Patrick was telling me about this at work, but he did not do it justice. I needed the pictures. Seriously. I love the fair!!!