Sunday, July 25, 2010

Babies Everywhere! :)

I am a bad blogger. But I'm trying to be better. So I'm giving an update on our lives.

I'm still pregnant and getting bigger by the minute! :) We are so excited to be having a girl and can't wait for her to get here (but can at the same time...lots of changes! :) We are most likely going to name her Megan Joy Frost unless some other name comes out of left field at us. She is a pretty calm baby and doesn't really squirm around too much . She mostly moves and kicks right after I eat or during loud, intense movies. I have resisted the urge to buy any clothes so far because I know that once I buy one thing, I'll just want to buy everything. So many cute baby things! Here are the pictures from our ultrasound 2 months ago.

As far as non-baby things go, Patrick and I are both working for the summer until we move up to Farmington at the middle/end of August when Patrick starts at the U. I am really sad about moving, but I know that it's a necessary change so we can continue on our crazy life adventure. I hate to leave BYU for good and I especially hate to leave our cute little apartment that really became home to me. I will miss this place!

Patrick and I are also both busy studying this summer. Patrick has been working to read the textbook for his 3 day prereq course that's in August. He LOVES the textbook and everything he's learning, so hopefully that is a good sign for the rest of the 2 year program. I have been beginning my studies for the CPA exam. It's a little overwhelming really. Especially with a baby coming in the middle of my testing time, but I hope everything turns out okay!

Other fun summer adventures: Patrick is going to scout camp in 2 weeks at Tifie. We also went to the Stadium of Fire for the 4th and saw Carrie Underwood. We love Carrie! We unfortunately weren't close enough to get any pictures of Carrie, but you can look at pictures of us! :) We absolutely want to go to another Carrie concert sometime. She is awesome!

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Alyse and Bob said...

This post makes me so happy, and so sad at the same time. I don't want you to move. Even though you aren't going to be that far away. I'm at girls camp this week... but lets do something after that. Weeknights are fine too.