Friday, October 8, 2010


I have loved the summer weather, but I am so excited it's starting to feel like fall outside. It is definitely my favorite season. The air is nice and crisp and it's the perfect weather for a light jacket. Love it! Plus fall brings my husband's favorite holiday--Halloween! We, of course, have already decorated...Patrick wanted to decorate starting about the middle of September, but we waited until the first day of October.

Fall is also supposed to bring the birth of our first child, but at this point, she still isn't here. I think the 2 weeks before my due date felt like an eternity (I just want the little sweetie here!), but now that I'm past my due date I think these days will feel even longer. I'm beginning to be convinced that she's never going to come. I know it's irrational, but I'm getting impatient and just want this birth thing over with so that we can start enjoying the new member of our family. Daddy has had a mid-term, final project, and final this week though, so maybe she's being courteous to him and waiting til he's done with all that. So, hopefully tomorrow after his final is over she will come meet the world. If not, we wait more. Luckily my doctors will only let me go a week over, so she's coming on October 14 whether she likes it or not! :) I can't imagine going 2 weeks would be pure insanity.

Other good news, Chad comes home from his mission on October 15. Exactly one week from today. I think my mom is about ready to burst. She is impatiently waiting for her first grandchild and her oldest son to come home. All in the next week!

As for other updates, Patrick found a job which we are so grateful for. He works as a tutor at an elementary school. He has been working for a week. And now that I think about it, I have to repeal an earlier statement. I really wasn't very anxious about the baby coming until he started work on Monday. I was just freaked out about bringing a child into the world with no source of income. But since Monday, I've been anxious. Which has only been four days, but it seems like forever when you have nothing exciting to do but wait for labor. Patrick's job works nicely with his bizarre class schedule, so it is the perfect job. The one downside is that he will not receive a real paycheck until December 1 which means the job came just in time! Because another 2 months without income is about all we can handle.

Hopefully the next time I post on this thing I will have a picture of our cute Megan. If not, my worst fears have come true and I've been pregnant for the last 9 months with nothing inside me.


Tyler, BreAnne, and Luke said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Tyler's mom keeps asking if you've had the baby yet so it feels like forever to us too. I'm so happy to hear Pat found such a perfect job. It seems like something he'd be good at.

Tyler, BreAnne, and Luke said...

p.s. that is a horrible nightmare to be pregnant for 9 months with no cute baby to make it worth the while

matt and steph said...

Hey1!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! Let me know you address so I can drop something off to you guys for little Miss Megan! My email is! Seriousl I have already gotten her something and I want to give it to you guys!! :)

Sharla said...

Every woman who has ever been pregnant understands your irrationality, don't worry! I thought I was going to go crazy when I got within 5 days of my due date with my last baby. But, that's the closest I've gotten. Good luck! Know that she will come eventually and the first month will fly by faster than you can believe. (It may not feel like that every moment, but when she's a month old, I guarantee you you'll wonder where the time has gone.) I'm so excited for you! Kurt was born about a week before Mark came home from his mission too, so your mom can talk to my mom about the craziness in that timing. Maybe they already have. :)

Anonymous said...

Alisha, Your fears are all so normal. Everyone that has ever had a baby feels at the end like the baby will never come. We are excited for you and know that you and Patrick will be great parents. And your parents great wonderful grandparents. All so great. Aunt Janelle