Monday, January 17, 2011

New Job. New Semester.

I am happy to announce that Patrick was hired as an intern with the state in the Division of Housing and Community Development. He was hired to help with the annual homeless count. We are really excited. This means government schedule work...7-6 M-Th and Friday's off! I will have to constantly remind myself of the Friday's off on Monday's and Wednesday's when he has class as well from 6-9. Those will be long days for both of us! I hope he enjoys his job and learns a lot.


Alyse said...

Congrats to Pat for getting that job. Sorry that you won't be seeing much of each other. I know how that goes. Hope all is going well. We miss that cute little baby of yours.

Kim said...

Found your blog again! Congratulations on the new job! That's exciting. Oh, and a late congratulations on the birth of your baby! Megan is absolutely adorable! Hopefully I'll be better with keeping up with you guys :)

KristOlby Manscill :) said...

yay Patty! PS I had no clue you guys had a blog, but Amy just told me she found mine through yours, which is crazy bc I didn't know you knew about ours either! Does Amy have one? I want to see hers too! I so happy to find your blog and read about your adventures with baby Meg!