Monday, June 13, 2011

Eight Big Ones

Well, apparently I only blog about Megan turning another age, but that's okay with me. I'm not good at remembering to document the other stuff. Maybe I'll try to do a quick post after this one. :)

Megan is 8 months old. I keep thinking that one of these months there isn't going to be much to post about because her learning is going to slow down, but she's proving me wrong so far! In the words of Grandma Frost...Megan has had an explosion of activity these past few weeks. She is doing so many more things and becoming more and more like a toddler.

She can crawl correctly now. But she chooses not to. She's gotten so good at scooting that it's faster.

She wants to pull up to everything. It drives me crazy! She really can't do it very well. She usually ends up kneeling next to things. And if she ever makes it up she doesn't know how to get down without hurting herself.

She is working on her first tooth! You can definitely feel it in there, but it's not quite far enough out to see.

She lets us cuddle her before bed again. It's been fun. When she was about 4 months old she decided that she didn't want to be rocked or held while she was going to sleep. So since then we just put her down in her bed and she does the rest. But this past month (maybe because her tooth was hurting her) she has let us hug her while she rests her head on us. Thanks Megan!

Megan eats bread really well now. She loves it!
She went through a banana phase this past month. If it wasn't bananas she threw a fit and wouldn't eat. But that's over now (thank heavens) and she'll eat basically anything.

She is determined. If she wants something she will figure out a way to get it. I swear she is way more mobile and crazy than most babies her age because she is so determined. Watch out world!

She dances. It's hilarious. It is basically head banging.
*Yes I know this video is sideways. I always do that and I can't rotate it! And please ignore my voice. I have to talk excited so she'll keep dancing. It sounds really dorky.

She has graduated to the big bath tub and loves it. She also went swimming once this month and did really well.

She waves and it's really cute. She uses her whole body to wave.

She HATES having her diaper changed or getting dressed. She HATES laying on her back. So I have resorted to changing her between 2 diaper boxes because it is a total battle otherwise.

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