Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Parties

We had two extended family Christmas parties on Christmas Eve this year. It was a busy day! AND we got to talk to Elder Clayson while we were driving from one party to the other. Definitely a highlight of the day. It was good to talk to him and he sounded like he is doing well!

Here are the parties via pictures and a few words. Maybe one day I'll be less lazy and type more, but pictures are good! And sorry for the runny nose pics of Megan, she was sick on Christmas Eve...and Christmas...and she still is. But, I finally gave in and made a doctors appointment for her so hopefully we'll be able to get rid of whatever junk she has.

Nativity program with the Frost's.

She definitely has her uncles wrapped around her finger.

Megan and grandpa in their hats made by Aunt Janelle. So cute!

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