Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas 2011

I know this is a little ridiculous. Christmas was forever ago, but this blog is for me, so even though I'm behind I still want to record some things about our lives. :)

Christmas was good. Megan got it a little bit. She wanted to open everyone's presents, not just her own. She liked to rip up the paper and she actually seemed excited about the gifts inside the packages. The whole thing was tiring for her though. With 2 Christmas parties on Christmas Eve and an early day and church on Christmas and cousins in the afternoon she was pooped and a slightly grumpy girl by the end of it all. She was sick too, so that probably made the tired thing even worse.

Christmas morning. We're getting more decorations on our tree! It was so sparse the first year.

Opening her big present from mom and dad.

It's a kitchen! She still plays with it and loves it. She also got a baby doll, some clothes, and a pop-up toy from mom and dad.

Helping dad open his present-the annual Dilbert calendar.

Happy it's Christmas.

Ridiculously happy it's Christmas!

After church. Look at those tired little eyes.

In the afternoon with all the Frost family.

Lily with her ear muffs and dog.

Watchin' everyone open presents.

On Monday, Dec. 26 we went down to my parents house and had "Christmas" with the Clayson's. Boys played basketball, we opened presents, had dinner, and played games.

Megan got a Cabbage Patch from Grandma and Grandpa Frost and the stroller from Grandma and Grandpa Clayson. One lucky girl!

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