Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disneyland Adventure 2012

We were lucky enough to go to Disneyland this past week.  It was a blast and Megan was an angel.  Thank goodness!  She was great on the plane and in the park even though naptime and eating schedules were completely off.  We all had a blast and we look forward to being able to go again in the future!

We went on two rides that were new to Patrick and I--Little Mermaid and Toy Story.  Both in California Adventure and both great.  Toy Story is probably one of my favorites.  And dad and Megan went on Little Mermaid over and over.  Megan liked it and it was a good ride for her while everyone was doing bigger rides.

Bugs!  And as you'll notice her thumb sucking habit is getting worse and worse.  Boo!  Anyone have suggestions?  The doc told me I can't do anything about it at this age, but it's just getting worse and worse.  I would at least like to slow it a little!

This is what a good meal can do for a girl.  She was so so grumpy about 10 minutes before this pic was taken.  Food is magic!  :)

And notice Chad's hideous shirt in the background.  You can't see the whole thing.  But it's a beaver wearing shoes.  Weird.  Although it was helpful when we needed to find him.

Her favorite ride was Winnie the Pooh.  Maybe she loved that ride because she and I went on it over and over and over when I was pregnant and couldn't go on the other big rides.

Megan liked playing in the sand on the you can tell.  But she really wasn't a fan of the water.  It was pretty cold.  The minute it touched her feet she looked at me with a sad face and said "co" and then wanted to be held the rest of the time.

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Karen | The Food Charlatan said...

Your little girl is so cute!!!