Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chapter 3

If our life was a novel, I feel like we've had two chapters so far.
  • Chapter 1:  Being married.  Living in Provo and going to school.
  • Chapter 2:  Living in the Frost's basement.  Having Megan.  A super busy daddy working and going to school at the U.
And now we're moving on to the next chapter.  It is stressful around our house at the moment trying to get the next chapter rolling along with Christmas, but we're excited.
  • Chapter 3:   Bought a house in Layton.  Baby #2 arrives May 2013.  Patrick graduates from school and continues working at the state.  Alisha works two days a week to try to get hours for her CPA.
Well glad to get that off my chest to the blogging world.  :)  Unfortunately I have no relevant pictures to add to this post.  Partially because I am bad at taking pictures lately and partially because I am not completely sure about the location of our camera.  Probably still in a box somewhere.  Gosh I am slow at unpacking.  But a post is no good without pictures, so here are some pics from Halloween.  That way this post is a two for one.  Halloween and general life update!

Nasty pumpkin guts.  Megan didn't like them much.

Mom and Megan the bumblebee and pumpkins.  And of course baby.

Dad and Megan and pumpkins.

 The fam and pumpkins.

Great pic of these two.  Love their candy eating faces.  Best buds Megan the bumblebee and Nathaniel the pirate.

And the cute girls.  Pictures are practically impossible with toddlers!

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Alyse said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you guys! So happy about the baby and the house. Hope you have a great Christmas! We will be around until the 30th, if you are going to be in Utah County during the break.