Monday, February 4, 2013

So 2

Megan is such a two year old.  I love her to death and she says the funniest things, but she is definitely very emotional and a total pill at times.

 This girl definitely has personality and she says and does things that keep us laughing for days.  Here are some of the funny things I want to remember about Megs.
  • While having breakfast I asked Megan to please use her spoon and try not to spill the milk in her cereal.  She responded (in the nicest way), "Oh mom, you're such an old lady!"
  • Just before chucking one of her stuffed animals down the stairs she holds their face right next to hers and says "Don't be scary."
  • She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and will randomly call out "Oh Toodles!"
  • Lately when she wakes up in the morning she calls out "Hello?  Anybody there!?  Mom?  Dad?  Anybody there?"  The other morning she woke up and said "Mom.  I can see the light!"
  • In the bathtub showing me how her whale can blow bubbles she held it under the water and said "Wait for it.  Wait for it."  (That definitely comes from her dad.)
  •  While at "Grammy" Clayson's she was trying to get the chicken into it's spot in the barn and was having a hard time.  She said "Oh come on chicken.  I don't have time for this."
  • Anytime dad is doing something crazy with her she will tell him "Careful.  Careful."  (Bet ya can't guess where that comes from.)
  • She also says grown up things like "Have a good day at work" and  "Drive safe" and "I'll miss you.  Love you!"  Although if we say miss you to her she says "No!  Don't miss me!" meaning don't go.
  • A couple weeks ago we had a yucky stomach bug at our house.  She loves talking on the phone and wanted to call Grammy Clayson, so I let her call.  Grandma said hello and Megan said "Grammy?  You have green poops too?"
  •  She likes to play doctor and give me shots.  So I pretend I am scared for the shot and she says while softly rubbing my arm "Mom, don't be scared at this.  Shots are wonderful!"
  • When we ask her if she has something she wants to say to little sister (who she wants to name Pumpkin) she says "Get outta there!"
  • She was playing while I was cleaning in a separate room.  Suddenly she came running in and said in her most serious voice, "Mom.  Come on.  There is something very dangerous in here."  She took me into the bathroom.  I expected to see razors on the floor or something actually scary.  Instead, I saw all of dad's cu tips all over the floor.  She wouldn't even walk into the bathroom until I cleaned them up.
  • Stemming from the fact that she doesn't like how I have to hold her with a pregnant belly...While carrying her dog Scout around the house on her hip.  "I'm sorry Scout.  I can't hold you tighter or baby sister will fall out of my tummy."
I could go on and on.  And I probably will add more as I think of them.  This is for me anyway so that one day when she screams something at me and slams doors and etc. etc. I can look at this post and remember there is cuteness inside the monster.  :)

And some of the not so cute things she says on a regular basis...
  • "I can't."
  • In a mumbley, super angry voice while walking away, "I never get to do anything I want!"
  • "It's not fair!"
  • "That's not my job!"


Sharla said...

These are so cute! Good job getting them recorded. She will love to hear them in a few years.

Mlog and Clog said...

What a cutie! And congrats on the new one!

Kristina said...

Oh my heck! She is hilarious. More! add more! seems like I've missed a ton of posts...I got used to checking all the time and not seeing anything new (kind of like our family blog), and had no idea you've updated it this much! Keep em coming!