Monday, April 8, 2013

New Addition

We've added a new addition to the Frost family.  It's not the baby you're thinking it might be.  She still has a month or so of cooking to do.  I'll introduce him in Megan's words (this is what she said to some stranger at a park who said he was cute).

"This is my dog Mo.  He is a shih tzu-maltese.  We picked him at the shelter."

So there you go.  She cracked me up when she said that.  First of all she sounded so adult like with such a long string of sentences that didn't start turning into nonsense like they usually do.  And this is not something we have trained her or taught her to say.  She has just apparently heard us say that to other people.  What a goof.

Mo is a good dog.  He is 1 year old so he definitely still has some puppy tendencies (over excitement, chewing and more chewing, and playing a little rough), but I think he will be a great dog for our family.  He's really patient with Megan...even when she wants to ride him or hug him tight around the neck or kick him.  Overall she loves him; just a little too much sometimes.

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