Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So They Say

Our sweet baby is one month old. It is so hard to believe that she's already been a part of our lives for a month. And she has already changed so much in just a month--she has chubby cheeks now! We love her to death! She is a sweet girl.

So, what have people said about Megan Frost in the past month?

She has lots of dark hair
(old man balding style of course)

She has her dad's eyes and her mom's mouth and nose

She's tall and skinny

She always wants her hands tucked right under her chin

She loves baths as long as the water is warm

She loves laying on the floor to stare at people and things

Other fun facts about Megan:
- Her toots and poop are unusually stinky for such a little lady
- She will sleep and sleep and sleep if she's warm and bundled up
- Her umbilical cord fell off a week after she was born
- She has incredibly long fingers and toes (almost freakishly long)
- She has a small dimple on her left cheek
- She may have started smiling yesterday...not really sure


Erin said...

She's Adorable!!!!!! I love the skirt! I am glad it fits her!

kris said...

so cute! Congrats. :)