Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well it's another month and another Megan post. I feel like the months go by so quick. I'm not good at blogging anything else, but I at least want to keep up with Megan's progress each month so I can remember what she was like! Some of these pictures don't have anything to do with the words below them, but pictures make everything better, right!?

Megan learned how to roll from front to back consistently! She started rolling from front to back every once in a while about 2 months ago, but she's finally gotten it totally down. So, now she can roll really well both ways. But, rolling over is so last month for this little lady. Now all she wants to do is sit up. I think she is going to be an independent child. She can't sit up on her own yet, but I'm guessing it's coming soon. She is determined. Also, ignore the fact that it sounds like I have a retainer in my mouth. I took this video right after I got a cavity filled.

Megan got her first taste of rice cereal on her 5 month birthday. She did better than I thought she would!

Megan has also been really into her mouth lately. She loves making all sorts of noises with it. She even went through a phase where she did a denture face all the time. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else, but it was pretty funny.

Thumb sucking has become our new reality. :( She had a nasty stomach virus for about a week and all she wanted to do was suck her thumb. And she won't take a binky since then. I still try to sneak it in once in a while just to see if she'll keep it in, but still loves the thumb at this point.

Megan is super giggly and loves her dad. They have playtime right before bed every night. She absolutely loves it. She loves being crazy with him. She's especially into hanging upside down right now.

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