Tuesday, October 4, 2011

11 Months

Okay okay. This post is coming like 1 week before Megan turns 1, but I still wanted to get a little something down before she has been around a whole 365 days! :)

It will be a short post because I can hardly remember what she did before she was 11 months and what she's learned since then, but I can remember a few things.

The big accomplishment for the month is walking. She started walking just a week or two after she turned 10 months. Now she is a total pro. I love watching her stomp around and seeing her legs look more and more like toddler legs. She's losing those rolls! This is a video I took of her a few days after she really started to give walking a try.

Here's what she's been up to other than walking:

- 2 more teeth. She now has 8. They are so goofy and crooked. I love them.
- She loves her blankies. It doesn't matter which blanket it is. She loves them all.
- She is getting more and more into books. But her version of reading is turning the pages as fast as she can. Maybe someday she'll figure out the words are good too. What can I say, she's a mover.
- She also has a strange love for the couch (as you can tell by the pictures above, they are pretty much all next to the couch). Laying on it, climbing on it, and playing hide and seek by it are definitely some of her favorite things lately. Pretty much anything is better when you're on the couch.

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