Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer 2011

Patrick and I do exist. Hard to believe I know since I only post things about Megan. But we are alive and we acutally do things. So this is going to be a pictureless update about us. Pictureless because we are far less cute than Megan and I am bad at taking pictures.

So Patrick first...
Patrick is still working for the state. He was hired as an intern in January and has worked there since then. It is not our ideal job, but it pays the bills and we are grateful that although his internship was supposed to end in June it has continued through the summer and will continue for as long as we'd like. We are looking for other jobs/opportunities for him and hopefully we will know what he should be doing soon. :)

Patrick has also been schooling. He is such a trooper. I don't know how he leaves at 6:30 and comes home at 9:30 without complaining and then does homework on top of that, but Megan and I are grateful. And we can't wait until school is over so we can have a just plain working dad (still about a year to go though...).

He also stays busy with playing basketball as much as he can and reading Harry Potter.

Now me...
I think I am the most boring person of the family. :) But I have been trying to grow a garden this summer. Things haven't gone as well as I hoped, but we had a far less than ideal piece of land to grow plants on and an unexperienced gardener. And the garden didn't stay as weed free as I'd like because Megan is a total handful outside. I can't be weeding while she crawls around because she will end up eating dirt or bugs or bark. But, we've got potatoes and beans and some tomoatoes. So it's fun.

I have also been studying for the CPA exam and trying to find some sort of flexible work to help ease Patrick's load now that I feel a little more compentent at the motherhood thing. Finding jobs has not gone as well as I'd like and it's sort of frustrating, but I hope something will come when the time is right. I passed 2 parts of the CPA exam and have 2 left. That's usually what I spend naptime doing...studying.

I have also worked on a quiet book for Megan which has been fun. I'm not done yet, but maybe I'll post pictures when I've finished.

So there you have it. A post about the parents of Megan. Maybe we'll make an appearance in a picture someday soon.

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