Monday, July 23, 2012

Road Trip

Patrick had to go to Cedar City and St. George for work.  Megan and I didn't want him to have to go alone so we tagged along.  It was a fun 2 day get away.

 Ready for a long car ride.

We found time to have some fun while Patrick wasn't training.  We went mini golfing Friday afternoon.  It was hot hot hot, but fun.  It was Megan's first time really golfing.

Megan also found time to take a nap.  With her booty in the air in the bathroom.  :)

We also walked around the mall in Washington to escape the heat.  And of course Megan had to test the fire engine.

Being trapped in a tiny hotel room certainly wasn't Megans favorite thing.  But she entertained herself by jumping all over the bed.  And she had some fun with stickers.  She also loved to sit on us on the bed and say "giddy up."  Except she says it "gippy" up, so her nickname of the moment is gippy.

Megan also saw her first movie in a movie theater on the trip.  We had 4 hours to kill in Cedar City while dad was working, but our hotel room was in St. George, so we had to find something to do to escape the heat.  We saw Brave.  She did great!

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