Monday, September 24, 2012

Talking Talking

Megan is getting better and better at talking.  I wanted to record some of the cute things she says lately.  She makes me laugh.  She is getting a larger vocabulary everyday, but her pronunciation is still not great so she still requires mommy ears a lot of the time.  But it'll come.  I think I must mumble or talk really unclear and that's why she can't pronounce anything.  But I'm sure with time she'll get better.

Here are some of the things I hear everyday...
  • I ask her if she's ready for breakfast or lunch and she holds up her pointer finger and says "not quite"
  • "Scary" (while putting her hand over her heart) and "skip" while she's watching a show
  • "Two mellows" after she uses the potty (mellows=marshmallows)
  • "Tank" for thank-you
  • "Mommy, doin'?"
  • "Meggy do" or "Meggy help"
  • "Need booties!" - snow boots are her new favorite shoes
  • While typing at the computer, "I need check e-mail."
  • "Mommy save me!"  "Save me Jenna!" - this is her little imagination because her cousin Jenna is never around when she says this but she pretends Jenna is chasing her and I have to save her
  • "Sshhh, qui" - for ssh be quiet when she wants us to whisper
  • "No talk!" - not my favorite thing.  She says it to be rude.  The other day at dinner she told grandpa no talk so I said she needed to try to be nice.  So in the cutest voice she could muster she said "Grandpa no talk."
  • And probably her favorite subject to talk about at the moment is The Lion King ("Lie King").  I hear about it all day.
    • "Scary Lie.  Skip!" - I have to skip every scene that has Scar or the hyenas in it
    • "Baby lie, cute." - in her sweetest voice
    • "Ti pumba" - for Timon and Pumba and then she just starts laughing
    • "Ti pumba ta ta" for Hakuna Matata
    • "Sing Lie" and then she yells "Aahhh" trying to imitate the song at the very beginning of the movie

She's a doll.  But also becoming very two.

The other day she spit on me because I wouldn't give her any marshmallows for just sitting on the potty rather than actually going to the bathroom on the potty.  After she spit on me I told her she couldn't be by mommy again until she said sorry.  So I put her in her room and told her to come out when she would say sorry.  It took an hour and a half for her to say sorry!  And she made her best attempts to get out of  it.  About every 10 minutes she would come out of her room and in her sweetest, happiest voice say, "Mommy, came back!  Play Meggy."  I would ask her if she had something to say to me and then she would scream "No!" and run back in her room and throw a fit for another 10 minutes and try it all again.  She didn't say sorry until I sat on the floor with beads to make a necklace.  I cheated a little.  I knew she wouldn't want to miss out on the fun and I was sick of waiting for her to say sorry!  I wanted to get on with the day!

And some pictures for good measure.



Tori said...

Love this. I love that girl. You do such a good job with her.

Jasmine said...

oh my goodness I love those stories! She is hilarious.