Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Megan is 3!

Happy third birthday Megan!  I can't believe I have a 3 year old.  So fun!  I love pictures...so it's picture overload of Megan here today.  I picked one picture or video from each month since she turned 2.  I'm actually proud I had at least one picture from each month.  I can't believe how much she changed in a year!  Sorry it's so many, but I love watching her grow up before my eyes!  :)

 October 2012












October 2013

She went from being a homeless, barney loving 2-year old to a 3-year old princess!  Here are some facts about my girl at 3--beware, it's long.
  • Megan loves pink and princess.  She is 100% girl!  She loves the pink dress pictured in July.  She would wear it everyday if we let her.  She also likes getting married.  If she puts on a pretty dress she wants to marry somebody.  This usually involves the "boy" twirling her around.  I usually get changed into a boy.
  • It is imagine everything with this girl.  We are rarely mom and Megan.  We are usually Mulan and Shang or Tangled and Eugene or Timon and Pumba and etc.
  • She is obsessed with Mulan at the moment!  And Daniel (she says Thaniel) Tiger's Neighborhood.
  • She can count to 14 reliably and is decent to 20.
  • She can say the ABC's and identify some letters, but I couldn't tell you which ones.  She will sometimes just point them out on signs.  She doesn't like to sit down and identify them with me.
  • We tried potty training before Abby was born.  Fail.  She was scared of pooping on the potty.  We are going to try it again as soon as we run out of the diapers we have.  But I'm afraid it's going to be a battle.  She is perfectly potty trained on days she chooses to be.  But if I suggest she go to the bathroom or ask that she go it's a no way.  She'd rather pee her pants then follow what mommy says!
  • She now sleeps in a big girl bed.  It was rough at first, but she's doing great now.  We had a few obstacles (falling off, serious increase in nightmares/monster fears, and a growth spurt that required eating in the middle of the night), but once we got past those she has done fine.  We have switched from nap time to quiet time, but it luckily ends in sleeping the majority of the time.
  • She is really good with names (she can name most of the kids in her nursery and most anyone that Patrick or I talk to at church).
  • She loves puzzles and I think she does really well with them for her age.
  • She is a total goof and loves to be the star of the show!  She usually isn't afraid to sing or dance or tell stories for people.
  • She is still tall, but not as tall.  I knew it had to slow down sometime!
    • Height:  38.25 inches --> 80th percentile
    • Weight:  31 lbs 6 oz --> 60th percentile

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