Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best Morning Ever...

Isn't being a mother great...this was my morning this morning.

Wake up.  Get baby out of bed.  Hear toddler shatter "candy cane" full of M&M's all over.  Shut baby in her room.  Shut dog in my room.  Clean up shattered M&M's with toddler.  Go into baby's room to find poop all over her and her pajamas and the carpet.  Wipe baby down.  Lock dog, toddler, and baby out of baby's room and clean up poop.  In the process toddler gets her own cereal (luckily no accidents there), but baby finds a pen and draws all over herself.  Take baby into bathroom to give her a bath.  Hear toddler somehow face plant off her stool.  Go to comfort toddler (don't worry, baby is not in the bath yet).  While comforting toddler, hear baby stand up to toilet and fall and bonk her head.  Comfort her.  Get baby in bath.  Toddler wants to help.  Toddler falls in tub.  Now two kids in the bath and one mom who is done for the day!

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Jasmine said...

haha, cute! (looking back of course). And so typical.