Monday, January 27, 2014

We'll Miss You

Goodbye white car!  You will be missed.  We were a little sad when the tow truck came to take you away.

We loved you for your reliability, even at 14 years old and over 200,000 miles.  We loved you for your passenger door handle that didn't work.  We loved you for your windshield cracks that miraculously didn't block the drivers view.  We loved you for your dashboard lights that didn't work; we could never see what time it was or which radio station we were on.  We loved the way you would violently shake when we went over 60mph.  We loved your air which so faithfully worked on high, but nothing less.  We loved you for the check engine light that came off and on and off and on but somehow never made us fail inspection.  We loved your giant black spot above the exhaust (definitely not an environmentally friendly car).  We loved the little game we had to play in order to get your hood to close.  Thanks for getting us through our first 5 years of marriage!

1 comment:

Amy Groff said...

It looks like the car has seen better days. With the hood in that shape, hope everyone is ok. Are you getting a replacement?