Monday, June 30, 2014

Camping Trip

Blogging is definitely taking a backseat these days.  But I want to do what I can since I'm not into scrapbooking or journaling.

We took a camping trip at the beginning of the summer.  Megan really liked it.  As soon as we got out of the car she said, "Camping is soooo fun!  I love it!"  It didn't take much to sell her.  Abby is not the best age for camping, but she survived and so did we.  :)

We had some tent troubles and ended up setting up 3 tents.  Third times the charm!  We went fishing which was incredibly unsuccessful and took a little canoe ride.  All in all it was a good time!

Grandma and Abby.  Abby is eating if you can believe it!  She hardly ever likes to do that.  ;)

Megan with Chad and Amber.  Amber is pretty much her favorite person at the moment.

 Megan's hair looked like this after sleeping.  She said she needed one side of her hair taken out to go to bed, but then wouldn't let me put it back in when we woke up.  Crazy girl!

Our peaceful little canoe ride.

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