Tuesday, December 2, 2014

18 Month Abby

Abby is 18 months.  How did that happen!?  Especially in the blogging world.  No updates on this babe until now.

Abby's 1st birthday.  What a doll.

 Abby loved the water and splash pad this summer.  She was certainly braver than Megan at the splash pad.

 Abby LOVES her binky.  And it will probably be with us a while longer because when we've tried to take it away she sucks her finger or thumb.  She is also a stinker and will start sucking her finger when I ask Megan to take her thumb out of her mouth.

We went to Stake Lagoon Day and Abby loved the rides she could ride with Megan.  She wants to be just like her big sis.

She's a mischievous baby for sure!   Always seems to have something brewing in her little head.

 She loves dressing up and dancing with her sister.  They have danced to Shake It Off so many times that even Abby comes to the computer yelling "bad" when it is the part I mute.

Other things about this munchkin:
  • She loves stuffed animals.  She wants pretty much every stuffed animal we see at the store.
  • She climbs climbs climbs.  And she always want her foot up on something.
  • She has gone to nursery a couple times and done great.  No hesitation.  The leaders have said she doesn't take crap from any of the kids which doesn't surprise me.  She doesn't take it from her sister either.
  • Her favorite song of the moment is Popcorn.
  • Abby has always been pretty quiet.  She was slow to start saying words.  When we went to her 18 month check-up the doctor said 50 words was normal.  She maybe had 4.  But then over the next 2 or 3 days all sorts of words started coming out.  Patrick and I sat down and counted and she was easily over 50 only 3 days later.  Silly.  Some of her favorite words are "no no" and "mine" and "bo" for book and "eyes."  Our favorites are "cheese please" and "I doh know" and "hiya."  She still doesn't talk much around other people, but she will say words to herself while wandering around the house.  And if she's in the right mood she will make an attempt at saying almost anything you ask her to.  She still doesn't have a word for Megan that I've noticed.  She does say "ma ma" for me, "da da" for Patrick and "ma" for grandma.  She has also said "curse" for my brother Curtis.
  • She doesn't have much interest in watching tv or movies, but she loves Curious George.  She makes the monkey sound and gets excited whenever she sees him.
  • She is a short and chubby little thing.  Such a different body shape from her sister up to this point.  Her stats at her 18 month appointment were
    • Height:  30.39 inches -> 16th percentile
    • Weight:  26 lbs 14 oz -> 83rd percentile
    • Head Cir.:  46.1 cm -> 37th percentile

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