Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail!

Our little Abby is two.  She is growing up so fast!  I may be the worst picture taker ever the past little while, but I at least wanted to post what I have and put up a few memories about her.

My mom made the comment once that Abby is going to be the child who makes me wonder if I ever want more children.  That's probably true.  She was an absolute angel from birth to age 1.  And then the switch flipped and that mischievous little personality came out!  Not that I don't love her, she's just a lot to handle.  :)

One of her most common phrases is "Sorry momma."  She says it all the time!  And very sweetly.  It's really cute.  Although it's more of a "I'm sorry that you have to deal with the fact that I'm never going to stop doing this" rather than a "I'm sorry I did that and it'll never happen again" kind of sorry.

Other words and phrases I love to hear her say:

"Meggy, are ya?" - meaning where are you?
"Otay momma." - when I ask her to do something
"Baymax show!" - Megan loves quoting that movie and Abby recognizes all the quotes
"Binky come too?"
She used to call Megan "May may," but now she says Meggy.

In almost all the pictures I have taken she either has a binky or food in her mouth.  She loves her binky and she loves to eat!  Her favorite foods are fruits.  She loves bananas.  In fact, when people are crying while bearing their testimony at church she tries to talk me into giving them a banana.  Of course it would make them feel better!

We went to Denver in April.  Patrick was there for work and so the girls and I entertained ourselves during the day.  We hiked all the stairs to the top of the Colorado state capitol building.  These are their tough faces after walking so much!

We also went to the aquarium there.  Abigail LOVED petting the sting rays and thought it was hilarious.  She giggled the whole time and threw a huge fit when it was time to go.

Abby loves being outside.  She loves climbing and has fairly good balance.  She only runs everywhere she goes.  She loves loves loves her cousin Jenna.  And her grandma's.  She likes building blocks with Megan.  She loves skirts and pink and is getting very opinionated about her clothes.  She wants a ponytail everyday, but only for 5 minutes.  And she wants to do everything Megan does.  Just like Megan.  She is sweet and funny behind the mischief.  She likes Curious George, Barney, and Daniel Tiger.  And of course "Baymax show!"

Love you Abby!

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