Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Summer

For the summer Patrick and I are both taking a break from school and just working.

Patrick is working at Freshmen Academy full-time for the summer. He loves Freshmen Academy, but he misses having students in the summer. Hopefully they will keep him busy. He works in the office from 8-5. I don't think 8-5 in an office is Patrick's ideal job, but he is staying sane thus far.

I am working a few part-time jobs. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find an accounting internship, but that's okay. I at least found work. An internship would have helped immensely when I look for a job in 2 short semesters, but hopefully I will be able to find something that fits when the time comes. This summer I am working at the pool (the eternal fall back job), as a secretary for Bro. Dorius for spring term, and also as a research assistant with my previous financial teacher, Professor Christensen. I am excited, but nervous, for my new job with Professor Christensen.

We are so lucky to both have jobs. I am grateful for the work we have!

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